“When Can We Get Back To Church?”

That’s the question echoing through empty church buildings all across our nation. It’s a good question because it reflects the hearts of believers who want to gather. It can also be an emotionally charged question. Let’s remember, as confusing as the situation has become due to the politics, etc. . . we are not being prohibited from preaching the Word, spreading the Gospel, existing as a church, worshiping Jesus Christ, praying together, and growing in godly character. I believe God wants us to maximize these open doors of His blessing.

Along with my fellow Pastors, our Elders and Deacons, I am committed to giving our church Body the best communication possible in the current situation. Here are a few things that get us closer to an answer for the question, “When can we get back to church?”

  • Our JBC church leadership is actively preparing for the re-open of the church building.
  • The timing of our re-open is based on the physical health and well-being of our people.
  • There will be differences among our people as to when they feel we should return.
  • We understand.
  • We are making efforts to give true live stream worship services for those who do not feel comfortable, or are not well-enough to join us at the time of our initial re-open.
  • There may be multiple options as to rooms in which to sit for worship.
  • Social distancing will likely be in place at the time of re-open.
  • Things will look different as sanitary measures will play a part in the re-open.
  • Just as the shut down took place in phases, the re-open will likely take place in phases.
  • “Grace” and “Flexibility” are two words we will all need to remember.
  • Speaking of those two words, see the following blog by Costi Hinn that says it well: https://ftc.co/resource-library/blog-entries/navigating-different-covid-19-recovery-convictions?fbclid=IwAR2zF03sWSN2ebLSSrX5oZ-5tGsqg4OkiJtvZrbIYQs53gfZRjTRFg8AnD8

On another note, pray for our church leadership. Thankfully, our Deacons are wisely using this “down time,” to have a new sound room ready for us when we return. Blessings upon our Elders as they serve together with our Pastors to shepherd God’s flock through personal contacts, prayer, and practical service.

I look forward to getting back together soon. I look forward to working together again in person to make Jesus Christ known. God’s timing is perfect. We trust Him, we wait patiently, and we obey faithfully. There are so many good things God wants to teach us through this time. Let’s be good students!

Pastor Shawn

“Cast your burden on the LORD, and He will sustain you.”