We value the critical importance of the proclamation of the Gospel, to those in our community as well as throughout the world.  Evangelism and the discipleship of new believers is an important aspect of local church ministry.  In partnership with missionaries and ministry organizations in various parts of the globe is one way we are able to reach those wh are not easily accessible to us.

Scott and Lisa Carter
Serving in Central Asia with ABWE
Brad and Amy Hoezee
Serving in Pennsylvania with Encounter Revival Ministries
Jonathan and Noella Kleis
Serving in Italy with ABWE
Darin and Joy Stevens
Serving in the UK with Reign Ministries
Seth and Darla Curtis
Serving in the D.R. Congo with Faith Global Missions
Joe and Sharon Goodman
Serving in Florida with Ethnos 360
Josh and Rebekah Miller
Serving in Utah with BMW
Anna Sytsma
Serving in Michigan with CEF
Dave and Diane Ford
Serving in Thailand with ABWE

Dale and Carole Hoskins
Serving in Michigan with Wycliffe Bible Translators
Antonio and Diana Navarrete
Serving in Mexico with ABWE
Sarah Troyer
Serving in Papua, Indonesia with Ethnos 360