As a church, we are reading through the New Testament in 2019. Look below for a detailed weekly reading plan and other resources!

THIS WEEK:  1 John 2-Rev. 1

The New Testament

Fast Facts about the New Testament

  • There are 27 books and 260 chapters in the New Testament
  • While the O.T. covers events spanning over 3,600 years, the entire N.T. covers about 100 years, from 6 B.C. to 100 A.D.
  • The New Testament was written in Koine Greek, the most commonly spoken language in the western world during the 1st century A.D.
  • The apostle Paul was responsible for writing nearly half (13) of the books in the N.T.
  • There are as many as 300 O.T. prophesies fulfilled by Jesus in the N.T.

N.T. Backgrounds

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Fast Facts about the Gospel of Matthew

  • Matthew has over 18,000 words - the longest of the Gospels
  • Matthew was likely the most widely read of the Gospels during the early days of the church
  • Matthew is the most Jewish of the 4 Gospels, demonstrating Jesus to be the long-awaited Messiah who fulfills God's promises to Israel
  • The book focuses on the words of Jesus organizing his teachings into 5 discourses
  • Jesus's most famous teachings are found in the book of Matthew, in the Sermon on the Mount (Ch. 5-7)

Gospel of Matthew - Outline

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Fast Facts About the Gospel of Mark

  • Mark is the shortest Gospel, containing 661 verses
  • Mark is fast-paced, highlighting action over teaching and using the word "immediately" 36 times in the NKJV
  • Mark devotes about 9% of the book to the passion of Christ
  • Mark likes "sandwiches": in the middle of a narrative he will jump to a different situation before going back and finishing the first story all in order to teach a truth by tying all three together

Gospel of Mark - Outline


Fast Facts About the Gospel of Luke

Luke is the longest gospel and the longest book in the entire New Testament
Luke is likely the only Gentile author of a New Testament book.
Luke is the first volume in a two-volume work by the same author.  The second volume is Acts.
Luke spends a good deal of time showing how Jesus treated women and children with dignity and care.

Gospel of Luke - Outline


Fast Facts about the Gospel of John

John is likely the longest living of the gospel writers.
John uses seven "signs" or miracles to point out the deity of Christ.
John uses seven "I am" statements to point out the deity and uniqueness of Jesus.
John's gospel opens unlike any of the other gospels, by establishing that Jesus existed from eternity past. (1:1)

Gospel of John - Outline

1 - 2 Corinthians
1 & 2 Thessalonians
Pastoral Epistles
1-3 John

Missionary Journeys and Epistles of Paul

1st Missionary Journey
2nd Missionary Journey
3rd Missionary Journey
Voyage to Rome
Travels after 1st Roman Imprisonment

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Holman Bible Atlas®
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