AWANA GRAND PRIX – West Michigan Regional Race

Join us for this year’s Regional Grand Prix event. Does your car have what it takes to be the fastest in the area? Do you have a cool car design? Come and see some of the coolest, fastest, and most unique grand prix cars in West Michigan!!

Who is eligible to race: A church may bring the top 5 racers per division in speed and top 5 racers per division in design.

That’s a total of up to 50 racers/church!

The divisions are: TnT Boys, TnT Girls, Sparks Girls, Sparks Boys, and Open Class


** Any cars not meeting the rules for clubbers will be placed in open class **

Date: February 25

Cost: $5/car (only 1 car/clubber)……$20 max/family

Weigh-In: 9:00 am
Racing Start: 10:00 am

Jamestown Baptist Church
2472 Quincy St.
Hudsonville, MI 49426

Only use this registration if your Race/Awana director is not registering everyone in your program.

This registration is only for Race directors/Awana directors who wish to register all racers from their program that they are bringing to the regional race

Printable Registration Form

Call or text Ryan Schut at 616-308-8801
or email at